Academic Support

Learning Support Team

Our Learning Support Team provides extra support in teaching and learning to students and staff across all areas of the curriculum.
The team works collaboratively with classroom teachers and parents to support the progress of students by planning and implementing appropriate learning programs.

Members of the team include:

*  Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, Ms Joanne Twomey
*  Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, Mrs Sharon Davis

*  Learning & Support Teacher, Mr John Tomlin
*  The School Counsellors, Katrina Langhorn, Justin Lim and Sue Ngo
*  Brenda Cologon, SLSO (School Learning Support Officer) works individually with students to assist, support and monitor their learning.

Members of the Learning Support Team readily liaise with outside agencies to provide the necessary support for students with all learning support needs.

Further information on the provisions available can be found through the following links:

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