Admission and Fees

Hurlstone ~ a school, a farm, a home.

Hurlstone Agricultural High stands proud as one of the state’s finest schools. The school’s rich culture underpins its success. At Hurlstone you find a culture based upon pride, striving for personal excellence, caring for and supporting fellow students and valuing community service.

The emphasis at Hurlstone is on the pursuit of academic excellence and the school’s record in this area is outstanding. The school has more to offer than just the academics. Students can develop skills in a wide range of sports.  Other activities available to students include public speaking and debating as well as in the creative and performing arts by joining one of the schools art clubs, bands, vocal ensembles or drama groups. There is also an emphasis on school and community service through membership of the school’s Interact club and its involvement in several charity drives and environment improvement projects.

Students value the emphasis the school places on leadership development. Prefects, two student councils, a senior leadership group, the rural youth club, and cadets provide both character and leadership development opportunities.

There is no doubt that the greatest source of pride at Hurlstone lies in the overall quality of the students it produces. Over many decades the students have earned the school its great reputation. Wherever they go, Hurlstone students receive accolades for their personal qualities. They demonstrate wholesome values, initiative and independence. They are proud, confident and articulate young men and women but at the same time are caring and very supportive of each other. They provide proof that while there is an emphasis for striving for individual excellence, the development of the whole person is never forgotten at Hurlstone.

Admission – see information under Enrolment for Year 7 or Year 8-11 tabs

Fees –


The Finance Committee has revised the fees and non compulsory contributions to the school and has determined to keep these structures at the same level as those in 2011. The following set is a guide to the school contributions and are approximate at time of printing.  Student will be invoiced annual fees in January 2013.

Year 7 to 12

  •      First Child                    $300.00
  •      Second Child               $275.00
  •      Third Child                   $250.00

What your contribution includes

Provision of classroom resources – books, chemicals, equipment and utensils; a variety of lesson materials – photocopies, booklets, charts and other stimulus materials; examination papers from Independent and Catholic schools’ sources; PE and outdoor equipment – balls, bats, nets, hoops and the vast range of PE and fitness equipment.  Library resources – books, magazines, journals and newspapers.  Stationery for office and faculty communications, newsletters etc.  Academic support folders for senior students. Toner for copiers. Additional first aid supplies. Engraving of honour boards.

The Department will provide about $59.00 per child for classroom resources (Years 7-10) and the allocation for senior students will be about $115.05 for each senior child.

Supplementation of this allocation is recognised by the School’s Finance Committee as critical to meet the needs of our gifted and talented children – students ever in need of further and extensive stimulation and motivation.  It is anticipated that this School Contribution amount will need to increase as the years roll on and the demands of a selective school like ours become more focused on teaching and learning resources.

Building Fund

A once per year contribution of $50.00 per family is suggested.  The school has received notice of endorsement as a deductible gift recipient under subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.  Income tax deductions are available for contributions to this Building Fund.

Library Fund/Technology

$100 per child p.a.
Second child $50.00.
Maximum of $150.00 per family.

As with our Building Fund, Hurlstone Agricultural High School has gained endorsement as a deductible gift recipient through subsection 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (12.1.2 public library).  The purpose of this fund is for the purchase of electronic hardware and software so as to support learning research and knowledge management.  Income tax deductions are available for contributions to this Library Fund.

Textbook Hire
New Students       $50.00

School Diary
All Students          $12.50

Student Insurance
Per student           $9.00

Prompted by our P&C, we sought student insurance through EBM Insurance Brokers in 2008.  I was pleased to be able to offer parents this opportunity.  As a step forward, we plan to have every student subscribe to this insurance cover.  Valuable information can be found at  We want to be able to opt for Option A – “Whole of School” Cover.  A schedule of Events and Compensation is available from this website.

P & C Membership Fee
Per family            $50.00 p.a.

Specific Subject Fees
Year 7 & 8 – materials not included in general school voluntary fees.

  •    Visual Art                                                        $50.00 pa
  •    Design & Technology                                      $55.00 pa
  •    Music (must have own earphones)                $10.00 pa

Once it is established what students are in the following elective classes, invoices will be forwarded to parents before the end of Term 1.  The following is a guide to the fees:

Visual Arts

  •    Year 9 Visual Arts                                              $60.00
  •    Year 9 Photographic & Digital Media                 $75.00
  •    Year 10 Visual Arts                                            $60.00
  •    Year 10 Photographic & Digital Media               $75.00
  •    Year 11 Visual Arts                                            $75.00
  •    Year 11 Visual Design                                       $50.00
  •    Year 11 Ceramics                                              $50.00
  •    Year 11 Photography, Video & Digital Imaging  $60.00
  •    Year 12 Visual Arts                                           $75.00
  •    Year 12 Ceramics                                             $60.00
  •    Year 12 Visual Design                                       $50.00
  •    Year 12 Photography, Video & Digital Imaging  $60.00


  •    Year 9 or 10                                                     $35.00
  •    Year 11 or 12                                                   $60.00

Industrial Arts

  •    Year 9 & 10 IST                                                $10.00
  •    Year 10 Graphics                                             $10.00
  •    Year 10 Industrial Tech- Timber                       $50.00
  •    Year 11 & 12 Engineering Studies                    $25.00

Food Technology

  •    Year 9/10 Food Technology                             $55.00

Textiles & Design

  •    Year 11                                                             $40.00

Computing Applications

  •    Year 11                                                             $10.00


  •    Year 9-12 (must have own earphones)           $30.00


  •    Year 7-10 PDHPE Workbook                            $35.00
  •    Year 9-10 PASS Workbook                               $35.00


  •    Obento Deluxe Workbook (Yr 8)                        $35.55
  •    Obento Deluxe Workbook (Yr 9)                        $35.55
  •     Wakatta Workbook (Yr 11)                                 $30.55

Library Card

  •    New Students                                                    $5.50 (GST incl)
  •    Years 9 & 11                                                      $5.50 (GST incl)
  •    Replacement Card                                             $10.00 (GST incl)


Fees for Wednesday Sport will reflect the level of student involvement and the costs associated with the individual events.

Fees for Wednesday afternoon school sport will be invoiced to parents.  These can be paid to the school cash register.


The cost involved in having a locker issued relates directly to a student’s current academic year.  The following costs apply including GST:

Deposit Cost Total
Yr 7 6yrs $40 $60 $100
Yr 8 5yrs $40 $50 $ 90
Yr 9 4yrs $40 $40 $ 80
Yr 10 3yrs $40 $30 $ 70
Yr 11 2yrs $40 $20 $ 60
Yr 12 1yr $40 $10 $ 50

Lockers are issued to students, subject to availability.

Apply at the Finance Office to see if there is a locker available.  Upon payment students will be issued with a locker number and a key at the finance office.

If a student loses his/her locker key, a cost of $5 will be charged to replace the key.

Refund of full deposit will be given upon return of key to the finance office. A cheque will be posted home to parent/guardian.

Students hiring lockers must be aware that if the senior executive of the school perceived the need, lockers can be searched.

Money Collection

Monies can be paid into the Cash Register each day before school, at recess and lunchtime and as required during the fee collection period.  The cash register is located in the hallway near the Staff Common Room.

Boarding Fees

Fees are reviewed and set by the Department every year. They are payable on the first day of each term. A statement will be sent at the end of each term stating any balances owing and the new terms fees. An entertainment  and tutoring fee are also charged each term to cover student recreational activities and tutoring during prep. Chemist, travel and other fees will be invoiced as they occur.

A bond of $150 will be charged to each student so as to encourage pride in one’s surroundings. The Deputy (Residential) will manage this account and we hope that students will not incur any damage and the full deposit will be returned when the student leaves the school.

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, Bpay , EFTPOS and credit card. Please pay boarding fees separately from day school fees.

Please contact the Registrar on 9829 9272 for the current fees payable.

Financial Assistance

Parents of boarder students should enquire regarding:

* Isolated Children’s allowance (Centrelink). Further assistance is available for some isolated students through a special government assistance scheme; information is available from the school’s clerical staff.

* Hostel Boarder Scholarship – Department of Employment, Education & Training.

* Abstudy, Austudy (students 16-18 years) – Department of Employment & Education (Commonwealth Government).


The purpose of the ABSTUDY scheme is to address the particular educational disadvantages faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by improving educational outcomes to a level commensurate with the Australian population in general. ABSTUDY policy aims to encourage eligible Indigenous students to take full advantage of available educational opportunities and improve their employment opportunities.

Means tested benefits available as part of the ABSTUDY scheme are targeted to those most in need.

The Norta Norta program provides targeted support to Aboriginal students to accelerate progress in student achievement. The focus of the program is to provide learning assistance in the key areas of literacy and numeracy to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal students.

Advice will be provided to those schools eligible to receive Norta Norta program funding in 2014, as soon as the necessary NAPLAN analysis has been completed and enrolment numbers have been established. Similarly, schools will be able to apply for funding for eligible year 11 and 12 students in early Term 1 2014.

Other financial assistance available to eligible students is the Living Away from Home Allowance.  Application should be made to OTEN distance Education, Bathurst.

The school also receives a small grant to assist students in the Student Assistance Scheme.


 Student Assistance Scheme

This fund has been set-up by the State government to assist needy families in supplying essentials of schooling, such as uniforms & textbooks. Please note all applications are treated with the strictest confidence.  Please note that there is a limited amount of funds available to the school for disbursement.  Applications close on Friday, 17th March 2017.


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