Families of Year 9 students

I met with Year 9 last week to review the new HSC requirements that will effect this group when they graduate from high school. The new requirements will strengthen the HSC qualification they should be aiming to achieve.

I have attached the leaflet that students were given to explain the basis of the stronger HSC standards. Students will now be required to qualify for the award of the HSC by demonstrating a significant standard in both literacy and numeracy. The government have decided to instil a qualification step to build the literacy and numeracy standards of students.

Our students will have the ability to pre-qualify by achieving a band 8 or above in this year’s NAPLAN tests for both literacy and numeracy. The qualifying exams that students can make use of after that NAPLAN will be held a few times each year during Year 10, 11 and 12. Students will be able to qualify up to five years after the start date of their HSC year (so post school). These qualifying exams will be online. A sample set of tests are available on the NESA (formerly known as BOSTES) website.

Students have been working on their writing in English and this will expand further across all subject areas. The online tests available in Years 10-12 (2018 – 2020)will provide diagnostic feedback which will help us all support our students to ensure that all those who wish to gain a HSC certificate, along with their school qualifications, will be able to do so.

Further information will become available in coming months. There are a number of websites on the back of the flyer that will provide you with opportunities to stay up to date with the latest information.

I will be addressing this matter at a future P & C meeting. Further enquiries can be made to the school or to my e-mail, sharon.davis30@det.nsw.edu.au. Please discuss this information with your Year 9 student and encourage their building of both literacy and numeracy skills.


Sharon Davis
Rel. Head Teacher Teaching and Learning.

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