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2018 Selective Schools Applications – Year 8 – 11

2018 Applications for Years 8-11 open on Friday, 23rd June and close on Friday, 28th July 2017 at 2.45pm. 

Details regarding the application process can be found in the 4 attached files.  Please ensure you download all files.


Letter of enrolment

Photo Identification




All Boarder applications must be approved by the HAHS Principal before it can be accepted, prior to processing the application for the entrance exam.


For any further enquiries please contact the Enrolments Officer.

Parent Teacher Evenings 2017

Year 11 & Year 12 – Thursday, 8th June 2017

Year 7-10 & Boarding Students in all years  – Thursday, 29th June 2017.

Staff will be available during these evenings from 3pm to 7pm.

Please ensure your child takes their booking sheet to each staff room to confirm the requested interview time, as teachers are responsible for their own interview schedule.

Parent Teacher Evenings 2017

New School Uniform Options

The school’s P and C has worked hard over the last few years to review the school’s uniform.

In response to the review undertaken there have been several items added to the girls school uniform.

You now can purchase girls grey pants and navy shorts (for both senior and junior students) and a short sleeve white blouse for juniors.

You can purchase these items from the uniform store for the following prices:

Grey Pants – $53.00
Navy Shorts – $41.00
Short sleeve white blouse – $33.00

Buying / Ordering Blazers

The wearing of blazers is compulsory for years 10 to 12.

Prices as follows:

Girls 30-40 and Boys 12-18: $228

Girls 42-46 and Boys 19-26: $242

Students in years 7-9 requiring a blazer to represent the school, such as being a band or debating team member, can order/buy the blazer at the reduced price all year (a note from the respective teacher needs to be supplied in confirmation).

The normal requirement of paying a non-refundable deposit of $50 for orders applies to all students.  This can be placed on a new or secondhand blazer.  Secondhand blazers are available in most sizes.

HAHS Bus Bay

Parents please note the school has implemented procedures to promote the safety of students and visitors, especially concerning drop – off and pick up.

Parents are asked to respect these procedures and ensure they stay out of the bus bay, which has been freshly marked and painted so it is very obvious. Ample area is available towards Roy Watts gate for people to safely park, drop – off or pick up and students only have a short walk in to school.

Bus Stop Bus ZoneBus HAHS

Naming of academically selective high school at Glenfield

As you would be aware the school which will continue to occupy the current Hurlstone Agricultural High School site will change its name as of 2023.

As part of the process to decide on a name the Department of Education is undergoing community consultation.

Attached is a flyer that outlines how you can contribute.  School Name Flyer 2016

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