What is BYOD…

BYOD is a trend in the education and corporate worlds that allows students and employees to bring their own personal computing device to school or work.

This allows students and families to make informed decisions about the type of device and software they see suitable for use in a personal and educational setting.


How Does it Work…

Students bring their own personal device to school to enhance their learning and engagement in class.

We have provided some specifications to assist families in purchasing a device that will work on the DEC wireless network.

Families are required to complete and return the BYOD Student Agreement prior to bringing a device to school.


Policy Documents...


HAHS BYOD Equity Policy

HAHS BYOD Device Specifications

HAHS BYOD Student Agreement


Apple Products..

Apple provides a number of ways to help families buy the devices you want your students to use in the classroom. These include your local Apple Store and a custom online store which has been built specifically for our school.

Product Purchase and Pricing

To purchase the Apple solution we’ve selected for your student’s use in the classroom, visit This custom page ensures that you’re buying the device your student needs, and it offers all the same great features and access to all products and accessories of the regular Apple Online Store, like free delivery.

Accessing the Family Funded portal should provide you with information and details for al of our great products and accessories however should you wish, you can also visit your local Apple Store in Penrith to get advice or discuss the products that you might be considering. The contact centre is also available on 133-622.

Apple offers special iPad and Mac pricing for students attending our school. This special pricing is available for purchases made at Apple Stores, through our school’s customised online store or via the Apple contact centre. If you are purchasing in-store or over the phone just let the Specialist know our school’s name.

Finance options are also available for purchases if you are purchasing at an Apple Store or online.


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