Homework & Assessment

Homework Guidelines

The amount of time that students are expected to spend on homework will depend upon the age, ability, home environment and extracurricular activities of students, including family and cultural obligations. It is important that students of all ages have opportunities for free time, leisure and physical activities outside of school.

Hurlstone considers homework to be an integral part of the learning process and is reflected in faculty policies across all curriculum areas.

Further, at Hurlstone:

1.     Homework should be stimulating and challenging.

2.     Students should expect homework most lessons in their major subjects and understand the reasons for it.

3.     All students maintain a homework diary; this diary is distributed at the beginning of each year.

It is the responsibility of all teachers to foster in their students an association of academic success with systematic planned study.

The four main types of homework are:

1.     Practice exercises

2.     Preparatory homework

3.     Extension assignments

4.     Research activities

Assessment Guidelines

Assessment is the process of identifying, gathering and interpreting information about student achievement. Internal school assessment programs provide a measure of a student’s achievement through the measurement of syllabus knowledge and skills outcomes using assessment tasks including examinations.

As well as formal assessment tasks in all years, there can be other class-based assessment tasks that may contribute to overall assessment.

Assessment is conducted upon guidelines developed by faculties and the school executive. Students receive a formal assessment policy based on guidelines mandated by BoSTES. These booklets provide a more detailed explanation of the assessment process in each scholastic year.  Students are also supplied with an assessment booklet which includes schedules and weightings of tasks.  Assessment tasks due dates are published on the school calendar and student and parent portal.

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