HSIE Faculty

The HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment) faculty at HAHS is a team of professional teachers dedicated to academic excellence and innovative practice.  All members of the faculty have a strong belief in the value of the courses they teach as essential components of a good education. The HSIE faculty has the very important task of introducing students to the humanities and social sciences.

Faculty aims:

*  To implement teaching strategies for the development of independent and critical thinking;

*  To develop a stimulating and cooperative learning environment for both staff and students;

*  To prepare students for active involvement within our contemporary society.

Opportunity exists for our gifted students to achieve their potential through a variety of extension and enrichment activities which have been incorporated into all teaching programs. Our faculty also has a strong focus on the wellbeing of our students’ and the development of their leadership and critical thinking skills.


Ms. Maini Pham, Head Teacher HSIE
Ms. Roxanne West, HT Welfare
Ms. Jo Twomey, HT Teaching and Learning (Leave)
Mrs. Yelena Vercoe, Teacher
Mr. Sam Cavallaro, Teacher
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, Teacher
Mr. Paul Pittas, Teacher – Year 8 Advisor
Mrs. Wun-Ling Cheng, Teacher – Year 11 Advisor
Mr. Ryan Mackinder, Teacher


Subjects offered by HSIE

Stage 4
Geography (Year 7 and 8)
Australian Curriculum History (Year 7 and 8)

Stage 5
Geography (Year 9 and 10)
Australian Curriculum History (Year 9 and10)

Stage 5 Electives
Commerce (100 hours and 200 hours)
History Elective (110 hours and 200 hours)

Stage 6 Preliminary & HSC Courses
Ancient History
Modern History
Extension History
Society and Culture
Legal Studies
Business Studies
Studies of Religion

2015 Achievements

* Year 10 Mock Mediation State runners up.

* Australian Business Week participation by all year 10 students in 2015 and building school partnerships with local business organisations.

* 91% of students in HSC Business Studies were awarded a Band 5 or 6 (with 44% of students receiving a Band 6).

* 91% of students in HSC Legal Studies were awarded a Band 5 or 6 (with 33% of students receiving a Band 6).

* 88% of students in HSC Studies of Religion were awarded a Band 5 or 6 (with 41% of students receiving a Band 6).

* 80% of students in HSC Modern History were awarded a Band 5 or 6 (with 40% of students receiving a Band 6).

* 70% of students in HSC Economics were awarded a Band 5 or 6.

Extra Curricular Activities
Mock Trial
Mock Mediation Competition
Europe Trip
Australian Business Week
Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition
ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day Celebrations

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