Stanley Cook Memorial Library

The mission of Hurlstone is to provide a challenging agricultural and educational environment in which students are nurtured to develop their talents for the good of all people and Australia. This mission is encapsulated in the school motto “Pro Patria”. The school library supports the mission of the school by offering students a unique space in which they are free to visit in their free time to source information that supports their learning and to select leisure reading material. To encourage students to use the library every effort is made to provide a welcoming, supportive and comfortable environment. The specific educational responsibility of the teacher librarian is to work collaboratively with teachers to develop the information literacy and digital literacy skills of all students. These skills are needed in a world of rapid change where lifelong learning will be essential. In its Statement on Information Literacy for all Australians (2001) the Australian Library and Information Association maintains the following principle:

 ‘A thriving national and global culture, economy and democracy will best be advanced by people able to recognise their need for information, and identify, locate, access, evaluate and apply the needed information.’

This principle resonates with the Hurlstone mission to produce graduates who will contribute to the good of all people and Australia.

Advantages gained from using the library include:

*  The teacher librarian and library officer will assist students to use library facilities and resources.

*  The teacher librarian will work with teachers, classes and individual students to expand their information and digital literacy skills.

*  Guidance throughout the process of completing assigned tasks.

*  Supporting student reading needs such as appropriate related texts for Senior English and with Premier’s Reading Challenge.

*  A Closed Reserve collection that contains a wide range of Preliminary and HSC resources that may be borrowed for five days.

*  Junior students can borrow two fiction and two non-fiction books for two weeks.

*  Senior students may borrow 4 fiction and 4 non-fiction books for two weeks.

*  Extended library hours:  Monday and Thursday: 3.30PM to 5.30 PM.
Closed Friday afternoons.

*  Library prep for Years 7-10 boarders and any senior students requiring library use.

*  Ex-Hurlstone students tutor boarding students during Library prep, Monday to Thursday.

Library Staff

Teacher Librarian: Ms. M. Myles

Library Officer: Mrs. S. Smith

After Hours Supervisors: Mrs V. Buckman and Ms M. Morrison

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