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Music Faculty Aims
The music faculty aims to encourage individual student’s musical, artistic and intellectual development and provide students with an academic environment rich in opportunities for personal challenge and musical interaction.

Staff Responsibility
Mrs Wendy Wuhrer
– Junior and Senior Music, Flute Ensemble, Choir
Mr Rob Craig
– Head Teacher Administration, Junior and Senior Music and Sound & Lighting Team
Mr Glenn Armitage
– Band Program and peripatetic teacher coordinator

Subjects offered in 2016
Mandatory Music (Yr 7 & 8)
Elective Music (Yr 9 & 10)
Music 1 (Preliminary and HSC)

Recent Achievements

In the past 4 years, 100% of candidates in Music 1 have achieved a band 5 or band 6,
50% of students of more each year have achieved a Band 6.

In the 2015 HSC, 100% of candidates in Music 1 achieved a band 5 or band 6.

The orchestra program consists of Pops Orchestra, four chamber ensembles (string, woodwind, brass and percussion), and a year 7 ensemble. The Pops Orchestra continues to expand and perform at school events and within the community. Pops Orchestra perform functions such as Alumni Dinners, the ANZAC Day ceremony, Music Night, Country Fair, Orientation Day and the Creative and Performing Arts Presentation Night. Members of the instrumental program tour annually. They visited Canowindra in 2014 and Nowra and surrounds in 2015. 2016 will see the orchestra tour visit Dubbo.

The School Musical for 2016 is The Wizard of Oz. This is a student driven initiative. They will be involved in singing, dancing and stagecraft activities. Choreography and stage direction will be undertaken by interested students. The orchestra will present accompaniment and musical interludes. The organisation of costumes and props as well as sound and lighting will be carried out by teams to create mood and visual effects to compliment the drama on stage. The painted sets and props will be created under the guidance of the Visual Arts and TAS Departments. Students from the TAS department will create tickets, programs and flyers. The performances are scheduled for mid-June 2016.


Visual Arts

Visual Arts Staff

Mrs Jo Ross (Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts)
Mr Matthew Musico
Ms Melvy Connell


The Visual Arts staff aims to provide a stimulating environment that encourages students to cultivate a passion for the visual arts through exposure to artworks from the past and present and by offering opportunities for students to create and exhibit their own works. The development and enjoyment of increasing practical and conceptual autonomy in their studies inspires and challenges students. Exhibition in the public domain promotes authentic and engaging collaborative tasks.

Subjects Offered

Mandatory Visual Arts (Years 7 & 8)
Elective Visual Arts (Years 9 & 10)
2 Unit Preliminary and HSC Visual Arts (Years 11 and 12)
Elective Photography and Digital Imaging (Years 9 & 10)
1 Unit Photography, Video and Digital Imaging (Year 11)
1 Unit Ceramics (Year 11)
1 Unit Visual Design (Year 11)

Outstanding Achievements

Since 2012, 100% of HSC candidates in Visual Arts have achieved a band 5 or 6, with at least 50% of students attaining a band 6.  CAPA Faculty 2016 with photos

HSC Visual Arts students are consistently represented in Art Express.

‘A Motherhood Statement’ was based on my own observations of the 24-hours-a-day demands of the early stages of a nurturing, mother-daughter relationship. I wanted the drawings to encapsulate the all-encompassing rawness and intimacy fuelled by the growing bond between a mother and child, which could be both tentative and emotionally overwhelming. I juxtaposed the drawings with ‘statements’ on motherhood to subvert traditional expectations and societal dictates of parenting which impose upon mothers a strict regime of rules to follow in order to ensure their children are reared successfully.
Lily Sheng

External Exhibitions

Next is an exhibition of outstanding HSC Bodies of Work from the local area held at Casula Powerhouse. Hurlstone Agricultural High School was represented in this exhibition in 2016 and 2015.  – See photos on pdf file below

Archibull Prize

Hurlstone Agricultural High School has entered the Archibull Prize competition on a number of occasions (2010; 2011; 2014 and 2015) and with great success. Students will also participate in 2016. This competition is designed to engage students with powerful themes revolving around agriculture and sustainability through artmaking and multimedia tasks.

Royal Agricultural Society Schools District Display Competition

Hurlstone Visual Arts students create produce displays for the Royal Easter Show from seeds, fruit, vegetables, nuts and wool. In their inaugural display in 2015, Hurlstone Agricultural High School won first place with their tribute to the ANZACs – “Valediction”.

HIDDEN – A Sculpture exhibition at Rookwood Cemetery.

Hidden is a public sculpture exhibition held annually at Rookwood Cemetery. The Year 9 Visual Arts students from Hurlstone Agricultural High School were accepted to exhibit an artwork in Hidden at Rookwood Cemetery in 2015. We were the first school to be selected to participate in the exhibition. The class travelled to Rookwood to install their sculptural piece and had the opportunity to speak to other artists who were installing their works about their practice. Students left the cemetery with a great sense of pride in what they had created. Visitors to the exhibition voted the Hurlstone artwork the “People’s Choice”.

Harbour Sculpture

Year 11 Visual Design students were selected from over 200 entries to exhibit in Harbour Sculpture at Woolwich in 2015. This exhibition is a public sculpture exhibition and Hurlstone was the first school to participate in the exhibition. The artwork was sold to the owner of Eden Gardens, a garden centre with a display garden and wedding venue.

Sculpture in the Vineyards

A proposal for two artworks from Hurlstone Agricultural High School students were accepted for inclusion in the 2013 Sculptures in the Vineyards Exhibition. A special interest group was formed to create the works.

Fisher’s Ghost Exhibition

A number of Hurlstone Agricultural High School students are selected to exhibit their work in the Annual Fisher’s Ghost Exhibition at Campbelltown Arts Centre. This is an opportunity for students to see their work hung in a professional gallery space, alongside work of practising artists. In 2015, Angela Liu won the Secondary School’s Section with her architectural survey drawing. In 2014, David Duong won the Secondary School’s Section with a charcoal self-portrait.

Country Fair Exhibition

Country Fair Art Exhibition is the annual exhibition of works by all Visual Arts students at Hurlstone. The art rooms and workshop areas are transformed into gallery spaces for artworks to be hung and presented.

See pictures of the artworks here

The 2016 School Musical is ‘The Wizard of Oz’

The related Board of Studies Syllabus documents can be found below:

Music – Year 7 – 10

Music 1 – Preliminary and HSC

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