Our Staff

Area Query Contact Supervisor
Administration Boarding School Accounts Ms T Ejsak Ms C Castle
Day School Accounts Ms N McGregor Ms S Pritchard
Enrolments Ms L Waltho Ms A Young
Maintenance Ms T Ejsak Ms C Castle
Co-Curricular Programs Archives Ms J Leglise Ms S Pritchard
Debating / Public Speaking Ms M Sproule Ms L Chapman
Environment Committee Dr R Morante Ms A Young
Events Management Team Mr R Craig Ms J Ross
Instrumental Program Mr G Armitage Ms J Ross
Sport Carnivals Mr B Wilson Ms M Pham
Music Ms W Wuhrer Ms J Ross
Variation of Routine Ms A Young Ms C Castle
School Sport / Knockout Mr A Wilson Mr B Wilson
Competitions Mathematics Competitions Mr G Huxley Ms P Biczo
Mock Mediation Mr R Mackinder Mr S Cavallaro
Mock Trial Mr S Cavallaro Mr S Cavallaro
Science Competitions Mr N Mahfouz Dr R Morante
TAS Competitions Mr D Payne Ms K Johnston
Student Leadership EPIC Ms W Wuhrer Ms J Ross
Interact Mr R Mackinder Ms C Castle
Prefects Ms A Young Ms A Young
SRC Mr S Seblani Ms M Pham
Student Union Ms A Young Ms C Castle
Student Welfare and Support Anti-Racism Contact Officer Ms A Young Ms A Young
Assessment Mr J Dillon Ms C Castle
Attendance Mr R Craig Ms M Pham
Careers Ms R Keegan Mr R Craig
Counsellor Ms K Langhorn
Mr J Lim
Ms S Ngo
Mr S Krishan
Gifted and Talented Ms S Davis Ms M Pham
Library Ms M Myles Mr R Craig
School Awards Program Ms S Davis Ms M Pham
Technology Mr R Craig Ms C Castle
Uniform Ms R Craig Ms M Pham
WHS Ms A Young Ms C Castle


Executive Team

Position Contact   Position Contact
Principal Ms C Castle Head Teacher – Mathematics Ms P Biczo
Deputy Principal (Relieving) Mr S Krishan Head Teacher – PDHPE Mr B Wilson
Deputy Principal (Relieving) Ms M Pham Head Teacher – Science Dr R Morante
Deputy Principal Ms A Young Head Teacher – TAS Ms K Johnston
Head Teacher – Administration  Mr R Craig Head Teacher – Teaching & Learning (rel) Ms S Davis
Head Teacher – Agriculture Ms K Johnston Head Teacher – Welfare (rel) Mr S Seblani
Head Teacher – CAPA Ms J Ross Head Teacher – Welfare Ms R West
Head Teacher – English (rel) Ms L Chapman Administration Manager Ms S Pritchard
Head Teacher – HSIE Mr S Cavallaro Business Services Manager Ms T Ejsak



Senior Executive
Castle, Christine Principal
Krishan, Sailash Relieving Deputy Principal
Young, Ann Deputy Principal
Pham, Maini Relieving Deputy Principal
Agriculture Faculty
Johnston, Karen Head Teacher – Agriculture / TAS / LOTE
Blake, Erin
Dayaganon, Erika
Houweling, John
McAlpin, Greg
CAPA Faculty
Ross, Jo Head Teacher – CAPA
Armitage, Glenn Band Director
Connell, Melvy
Musico, Matthew
Craig, Robert  Head Teacher Administration
Wuhrer, Wendy
English Faculty
Sproule, Meredith
Chapman, Lucy Relieving Head Teacher – English
Elderton, Samantha
Webber, Jodie
Keegan, Robyn
Malak, Marwan
Skola, Lauren
HSIE Faculty
Pham, Maini Relieving Deputy Principal
West, Roxanne Head Teacher – Welfare
Cavallaro, Sam Relieving Head Teacher – HSIE
Cheng, Wun-Ling Year 12 Assistant Year Advisor
Johnson, Elizabeth
Klappas, Elly
MacKinder, Ryan
Pittas, Paul Year 9 Year Advisor
Vercoe, Yelena
LOTE Faculty
Eun, Esther
Hewett, Mikala  Year 10 Year Advisor
Mathematics Faculty
Biczo, Patricia  Head Teacher – Mathematics
Crancher, Deborah
Faulds, Steven
Gutesa, Sandra
Huxley, Graeme
Rawson, Grant
Sabah, Maryam  Year 7 Assistant Year Advisor
Shenouda, Basem  Year 8 Year Advisor
Tarannum, Tahmeena  Year 7 Assistant Year Advisor
Yuen, Lydia
PDHPE Faculty
Wilson, Brett Head Teacher – PDHPE
Barry, Michelle
Willoughby, Tyson
Seblani, Samir Relieving Head Teacher Welfare
Wilson , Andrew Sport Coordinator
Boarding School Administration
Ejsak, Therese Business Services Manager
Doolan , Jeffrey Farm Manager
Day School Administration
Pritchard, Susan School Administration Manager
Cicutto, Janelle
Dorr, Kiri
Healey, Vicki
Hojjati, Anitha
Jessop , Jane
Leglise, Johanna
McGregor, Narelle
Shooter, Debbie
Smith, Sharon
Waltho, Linda
Learning Support
Cologon , Brenda Learning Support Officer & Year 8 Assistant Year Advisor
Tomlin, John Learning Support Teacher
Science Faculty
Davis, Sharon Head Teacher – Teaching & Learning (rel)
Morante, Richard Head Teacher – Science
Coombes, David Year 11 Year Advisor
Crichton, Elyse  Aboriginal Contact Officer / Year 9 Assistant Year Advisor
Garrick, Vanessa
Herbert, Laura Year 11 Assistant Year Advisor
Mahfouz, Nashaat
Naray, Michael
Chandra Selween
To, Tsz Year 10 Assistant Year Advisor
Trotter, Timothy Year 12 Year Advisor
TAS Faculty
Krishan, Sailash Relieving Deputy Principal
Haracic, Zijad
Macqueen, Kirstin
Payne, Darren
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