Science Faculty

Faculty Aims

The Science Faculty seeks to engender a broad scientific curiosity in students through a practice that encourages students to achieve to their potential in the science disciplines.

General staff list & areas of responsibility

All Science Faculty teaching members have a responsibility for teaching Science 7-10.
Ric Morante– Head Teacher Science, Senior Physics, Senior Chemistry, Senior Earth and environmental science, Senior Biology, Environment Club coordinator
David Coombes– Senior Physics, Senior Chemistry, Year Adviser year 10
Tim Trotter – Senior Physics, Senior Chemistry, Year Adviser year 11
Sharon Davis– Senior Chemistry, Senior Science, Head teacher Teaching and Learning
Damien Geerling – Senior Chemistry, Senior Physics, Head Teacher Welfare Boys
Sam To– Senior Physics
Nashaat Marfouz – Senior Biology, Valid 8 and 10 co-ordinator
Vanessa Garrick – Senior Biology
Elyse Crichton – Senior Chemistry, Senior Biology
Naray– Senior Chemistry, Senior Biology
Laboratory Assistants
 – Anitha Singh Hojjati and Johanna Leglise

List of subjects offered by faculty

Science courses offered at Hurlstone – stage 4/5 Science (compulsory course for Years 7 through 10) and stage 6 subjects (elective subjects in years 11 and 12): Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth and environmental science and Senior Science.

Extracurricular each faculty provides

The Science Faculty provides access to Science competitions, ICAS , The Australian National Chemistry Quiz, the Australian and New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge, and the Australian Science Olympiad Exams.

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