Sports Report 2017

Ultimate Frisbee Report May 2017


Swimming (early Term 1)
Cross Country (early Term 2)
Athletics (late Term 2)

Attendance at all carnivals is compulsory.

Students are allocated a sporting house in Year 7 in which they remain until they leave school.  Students are encouraged to wear these colours at carnivals.

Farrer                             –           Red
Lachlan-Macquarie     –           Green
Macarthur                     –           Yellow
Wentworth                    –           Blue


Knock-Out Teams

Hurlstone enters teams in a variety of state knock out competitions.  Details of these are posted on the sports noticeboard regularly and announced in daily notices. These teams may be based on year group or age and may be boys/girls or mixed.

Wednesday Weekly Sport

Sports offered to students may change from year to year.  Updated sport lists plus travel arrangements, costs and permission notes for travel to sport will be distributed to students at the start of each sporting session.

Sport at Hurlstone is conducted on Wednesday afternoons.  It is compulsory for all students in Years 7 to 10 and optional for Year 11 & 12.  Sport commences at 12.40pm and concludes at 2.30pm.

Staff mark the sports roll each sports day and report absentees to the Sports Organisers.  No student is to change his/her sport without the permission of the Sports Organisers.

Students are to wear the correct sports uniform.

Sport is conducted on two levels.  Students in Years 8-12 may choose between:

Recreation sport

School sport

Year 7 students are involved in a structured school sports programs – see “School Sport”.


Recreation Sport

This is a non-competitive form of sport.  In most cases students travel to venues outside the school.  Students are required to pay for the use of these venues.  Students travel by bus/train to these venues and have the option by bus/train to travel back to school or make their own way home from the venue (parental permission will be required).  Due to limited spaces in some sports, students may not get their preferred choice.  When students have selected a sport, they are expected to commit to the sport for the length of the season.

Payment must be returned with the permission slip to secure a place in the preferred choice.  If payment is not received, students will do school sport.

School Sport

This form of sport is held at school. Students participate in a range of games and activities with other students of a similar age.  Outside agencies are often contracted in to assist with the running of school sport and provide a greater range of activities.  Parents will be invoiced for the cost of the sport.

tennis courts

Transport Procedures

All students will be supervised when travelling to and from sport, unless they have opted to travel directly home from a venue away from the school (parental permission required).  Students are not permitted to drive to sport.


Students who cannot participate in sport due to sickness/injury must report to the Office at the start of sport. A note should be brought to the Sports’ Organiser before school explaining the reason for the absence from sport.  Students must bring school work to do during this time and a note explaining why the student cannot participate.

Code of Conduct

Play for the fun of it:

Compete by the rules and always abide by the referee’s or umpire’s decisions.

Work equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team’s performance will benefit and so will your own.

Be willing to train and be ready for the game. Preparation helps prevent injury and increases the level of enjoyment.

Play only when you are fully fit. To play with an injury will handicap your team, and may expose you to the risk of serious, lifelong injury.

Be a good sport. Encourage fellow team members and recognise excellence of performance in others.

At all times cooperate with your coach, team mates and opponents. Without them you do not have a competition.

Remember the goals of the game are to have fun and improve your skills. Be modest in success and generous in defeat.

Be tolerant of players from various ethnic backgrounds who may have different levels of experience from you.

Students should be mindful of safety regulations pertaining to their sport and be aware of the mandatory equipment requirements. Failure to comply may lead to exclusion from the match.

Be prepared to accept responsibility for your own actions if you do not abide by the above players’ code.

Selection Procedure
Students need to consider the following very carefully before selecting a sport:

Equipment needed

Transport requirements (bus/train)

Finishing times


Once a student has been placed in a sport it is very difficult to change.

Permission Notes

All students will need to have sport permission notes signed and returned to the sports organiser.

If students need to leave sport early for a valid reason, they will need to bring a note to the office before roll call in the morning and gain permission for early leave.

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