Student Support

HSC Academic Advisor program

In Term 4, as students are entering year 12, they are introduced to the Academic Advisor program. This program links each student starting year 12 with an academic advisor. The focus of the program is to give Hurlstone students the extra support, advice and encouragement needed throughout their HSC year, with a strong focus on effective preparation for their important assessment tasks. A series of meetings between students and advisors continues throughout the HSC year. Students are also encouraged to seek out their advisors at other times if needed.

Study Skills

A student’s success at school can be greatly enhanced by developing his/her personal study skills. Students need to learn to organise assignments, books, equipment and time; students must also be able to set goals and develop effective research skills. A well organised student is more able to achieve his/her goals and enjoy school life to the fullest. Time management is critical to a student’s overall organisational effectiveness. Students must learn to schedule and use time wisely, e.g. use class time effectively and keep up to date with homework; plan a task by breaking it down into steps and write dates for these steps in the student planner.

Student planners are essential for all students to keep track of classroom events, assignments and homework, test dates, and co-curricular activities. In addition to underpinning the school calendar and supporting a student’s learning and management of homework and assessment priorities, the Learning Curve planner also contains practical tips and strategies for students’ socioemotional wellbeing as well as tools to build their skills in collaboration, creative and critical thinking to better equip them for high school life and beyond.

Senior Study Skills

Students in year 11 and 12 also participate in study workshops run by Elevate Education. Elevate’s high impact seminars & workshops help students improve their study techniques, increase motivation, build confidence, and lift exam performance.

In 2018, year 11 will participate in the Time Management and Student Elevation seminars which are designed to improve organisational skills in a senior school context and to assist students in developing a growth mindset.

Year 12 will complete the Finishing Line seminar which consolidates student’s revision skillset and provides a framework in the run up to the HSC.

Junior Study Skills

The study skills program for year 7 students provides a strong basis for each student’s organisational skills, starting with how to use their student planner efficiently and effectively in roll call sessions with prefects and later, group sessions that address specific skills for study.

During 2018, years 7 through to 10 will also be participating in the Elevate study workshops.

Years 7 will participate in the Study Skills Kickstart program, which focuses on the transition to high school, dynamic reading skills, effective note taking skills, conceptual learning techniques and independent learning.

Year 8 will be undertaking the Junior Time Management seminar to improve their organisational skills and to ensure that they’re maximising the effectiveness of their study program.

Year 9 will participate in the Memory Mnemonics workshops which assists students in minimising distractions, and developing high level techniques to assist in memory and reduce rote learning. These skills lay the group work for the senior skill workshops.

Year 10 will be undertaking the Elevate ‘Study Sensei’ program which covers structuring and reviewing organised notes and fostering conceptual learning to develop deep understanding.

Hurlstone students and parents also have access to the Online Study Skills Handbook at and Elevate’s student portal  Both sites are valuable resources for both junior and senior students.

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