Student Welfare

The well-being, safety and health of students and other school community members is a priority within the day and boarding schools at Hurlstone Agricultural High School. The student Welfare Policy provides a clear model for supporting students in adhering to a broad range of experiences in an environment that is safe, caring and supportive. The welfare model is underpinned by the set of school values that promotes socially responsible behaviour and acknowledges the exceptional talents of Hurlstone students, their ability and resolve to prosper in their years at Hurlstone both academically and socially.
School Rules:

*  Show respect for yourself, others and your environment

*  Be safe and support others in being safe

*  Be productively engaged in the learning environment

*  Be in the right place at the right time

*  Positively represent your school

Students are provided with opportunities that reflect not only their talents but also contributions to the community.

The Welfare Team
Principal Mr D Currie
Deputy Principal Boarding Mrs C Castle
Deputy Principal Mr N Wenban
Deputy Principal Mr S So
Head Teacher Teaching and Learning Ms J Twomey / Ms S Davis
Head Teachers Welfare: Mr D Geerling (Relieving) & Ms R West

Year Advisors
* Year 12 –  Mr A Wilson Ms Sproule
* Year 11 –  Mr Trotter  Mr Seblani
* Year 10 – Mr Coombes Ms Chapman
* Year 9 – Mrs Hewett Mr To
* Year 8 – Mr Pittas Ms Ejsak

* Year 7 – Mr Seblani Ms Eun


School Counsellors – Ms Langhorn

The Welfare Team – Specific Roles
The Year Advisors supported by the Assistant Year Advisors are responsible for the overall well being of the students in the year to which they are allocated.

Their role includes:

* Acting as a point of call for a variety of students concerns

* Acting as a first point of call for parents with welfare concerns about their children

* Being approachable and available to provide students with the opportunity to seek assistance or discuss individual concerns

* Making referrals and working with the school counsellor with more involved serious welfare issues.

* Initiating and maintaining contact with parents regarding student problems and issues.

* Follow up on specific welfare concerns

* Provide to teachers specific progress reports when requested by parents, senior executive, counsellor, year advisor etc.

* Collate report back and follow up on issues identified in progress reports

* Providing assistance to new enrolments and to all students at the start of the year (including support with timetables, subject selections and changes)

* Ensuring students on leave from school are provided with adequate school work

* Maintaining documentation for students in that year pertaining to a variety of welfare issues

* Responsibility for the distribution to students of academic half yearly and yearly reports

* Conducting regular Year Assemblies

* Taking responsibility and organisational leadership in specific roles pertinent to that year (Each year has a number of events applicable to that year, such as camps, formals, workshops, special assemblies etc.)

* Responding, as part of a team, to serious welfare incidents

School Counsellors
The School Counsellors support student welfare by providing counselling and psychological assessment of students with specific needs. The Counsellors collaborate with classroom teachers to improve student learning outcomes and to address specific welfare needs.
The School Counsellor’s role includes:

* Providing individual or group counselling to students, parents and teachers

* Assessing students who may be experiencing learning difficulties or may need to be extended in their studies

* Assisting in the management of behavioural difficulties of students and assist staff in monitoring and implementing appropriate programs

* Offering support to students on suspension or returning from suspension

* Assisting students in their application for special provisions for Higher School Certificate examinations and in the applications for tertiary ACCESS schemes

* Assisting students with study skills, stress management and relaxation strategies

* Facilitating referrals to school education support services or non-department agencies such as the Department of Health

* Participating in the work of the school Student Welfare Team

* Assessing students’ needs using psychological and educational tests, rating scales and observation, and reporting the results to parents and teachers

* Counselling students with identified welfare needs, individually or in groups

* Actively working in the counsellor role in the boarding school on a regular basis

* Responding, as part of a team, to serious incidents

Deputy Principal Boarding
The Deputy Principal Boarding supports the Head Teachers’ Welfare in coordinating welfare initiatives in the School.

The Welfare Team
The Head Teachers Welfare provide support to the School and to the Deputy Principal Boarding.

The Learning Support Team
Key Staff

* Learning Support Coordinator – Ms S Davis

* School Counsellor – Ms Langhorn

* Year Advisors

* Teachers Aid






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